Susan Boyle Youtube Video Is FAKE?!

Susan Boyle made a huge online debut with her appearance on Britains Got Talent as her Youtube Video got more than a hundred million views in a week. How did this sensation start and is it all just a fluke? There are lots of rumors out there for the video on youtube being FAKE. Here is a little more on that...

Susan Boyle appeared on Britains got talent on april 11th. That Saturday she blew the brains out of the Britains got talent judges as well as everyone watching her singing. She has had a lot of very tough competition on Britain's got talent, the latest is Greg Pritchard. Everyone who was there was firts laughing at her appearance. She is a 47 - year old single (and a virgin) from Scotland. She later announced in an interview that she has never even kissed a man.

She had a gray curly hair. That looked very dry and like it had never been taken care of. Her whole appearance was the appearance of a 60 year old grandma. But she was in fact twenty years younger and did not have any childen. How could she, she had not even been with a man. Ever. Her clothes looked also like the ones that belonged to a woman much much older than she claimed to be. This combined with the fact that she is what you could call "funny looking" and does possess the main stream looks. Everyone was laughing on the youtube video. Even the judges appeared to be a bit humored by this scotish lady. This was very immature from all the people in the show and it surely did turn out to be absolutely unnecessary.

When she started singing everyone was blown away. Se sung like she had never sung before and she gave it all she had. The song was Les miserables - I dream a dream and it literally raised goose bumps on everyones skin. Even I - watching at home - was left with my mouth open. That is something that is har to accomplish. I really am not easily pleased, and Susan Boyle literally blew my mind away. From this moment on I was a fan of hers.

The judges were amazed like everyone else. They gave her a review that was exellent and they praised her to the skies. They also apologised for their rude behavior. After all they did seem to be on the verge of laughing when Susan Boyla announced that she wishes to be like Elaine Paige. No one believed that she would have the vocals.

She appeared to be the perfect talent. Well atleast perfect to win a talent show like this where you are voted by the viewers. And the viewers like what they see. Susan Boyle who was a good for nothing old single woman who never even had a man. No one had ever believed in her not even herself. Then she comes to this big stage, acts like she has been there before. She is all natural on stage like she has done it before. This seems like she has natural talent for being an entertainer. Everyone wants to believe this, that an anti-social single woman can be so talented. This is what everyone wants to believe. Everyone can be a star if they want to. This brings hope on this situation with the world economics.

Because everything seemed to be so perfect some questions of Susan Boyles honesty started to rise. There has been a lot of discussion on the fanpages whether she is the real thing or not. Lately there has been a even bigger media sensation than what she is about: wether she is FAKE or not. I found a webpage which spotted out everything in that Youtube video which does not match. There are problems with the sound and lipsync. These are all very minor things that would not have been spotted if she had not become such a sensation. If her youtube video had not gotten 100 million views in a week nobody would have noticed and all would have been fine. I am actually quite sure that Susan Boyle Did Lip Sync.

There is a small segment in the video at right about 1:20 in the singing part. During these parts of a second she seems to either forget the words or how to sing. She looks like she has totally lost control of the song. This lasts just for a very short time and even if I was watching very carefully while the show aired I did not see this. While looking at the Youtube video for a multiple times I really started to see the problem there. It really looks like Susan Boyle is not singing but she is only lip syncing. This would be a scandal if it got out there! It has gone out there, but I think that the tv-company producing the show, will do anything they can to avoid this from spreading. Even maybe close this website.

Well after some more in detail investigations I started to find many other holes in her story. Things did not really add up with all that cat pebbles and everything else. As it seemes to turn out there is a possibility that Susan Boyle is actually a hired actress. Her story is completely made up. Didn't anyone suspect that she could be just too perfect?

Actually my first suspections started to rise when she had contracts with the duettos. This all happened way too fast even for a sensation like that. There must have been a lot of hot shots pulling strings to get a lot of publicity for this stunt. That is what it seems to be turning out to be. A publicity stunt planned by the record companies and the tv companies to make some extra money out of everyone. Her whole story is planned, and everything in her future is planned. I would not be suprised if she won the show. This would happen even if no one voted for her. That would mean that the votes would be also planned and the whole show would be a scam! What else has Susan Boyle sung on the show?

I know these are some serious accusations but eveything is possible. I am not saying that it could not be the real thing. That Susan Boyle is a fake! But all I am saying is that it is very possible for the big companies to team up and make someone famous just for the sake of making money out of them. This shows that the big companies do have a lot of power especially in the media. By the way it looks like she is gaining a lot of weight. She might need to go shopping for maternity t shirts in the near future.

This and many other things have led me to the conclusion of really suspecting the competitors in the future, and also to even further investigate wether Susan Boyle Youtube Video is FAKE! Take a look yourself:

I know what you are thinking: What has happened to Susan Boyle Lately?